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Spiritual Counselling Diploma

  • 90Weeks
  • 15Steps


Much is written today about Modern Psychology, Neuro Science which refers to the study of the brain and nervous system and the related forms of Counselling therapy. All these sciences are intended to help people better understand themselves and the environment in which they live. Their common factor is their learning outcomes are dependent upon the study of man's mind through study utilising man's mind. What can we ask of a human mind to teach us of the human mind when we know so little of the functioning of the human mind, let alone its relativity to energy? Spiritual Counselling is very different and the first Counselling model in the world that is structured upon knowledge from a higher source where there is an absolute knowledge of the human mind. It is advanced knowledge, and as with all spiritual knowledge presented by the Sphinx Spiritual School of Learning, it is presented in a simplistic, straightforward forward and powerful way of teaching. Spiritual Counselling is designed to help people in a very different way. It will set out to trace the behavioural patterns of their origin in life, to give them context, and to offer the person an option to break free of these patterns. Spiritual Counselling is designed to act quickly so that people can experience the joy of discovery of a different way of living.

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