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Parenting is the most complex job people on earth face, with the least training and assistance to accomplish it. Our Parenting Spiritually book, course and resources set out both the framework and practicalities of parenting in the modern era.


Traditionally parenting is undertaken on an instruction model, that is, the parent tells the child what to do because the parent believes they know better. The Spiritual component of Parenting Spiritually introduces the component of parenting through choice.


This is an entirely new approach to parenting which will allow the child to better achieve what it came to earth to do and to relieve the parent of a lot of the pressure of parenting.


The concepts given will enthral you and all of the practical examples delight you. This is a book which covers from pre-conception to parenting adult children and is just as applicable to a grandparent as it is to a prospective parent.



Parenting Spiritually Hard Cover

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